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Bazinga.ae Free Classified - Buy Sell Rent Anything UAE - Patience is the Key - Keywords Case Study : Dubizzle.com


The aim of all the website owners is that their website be displayed in a maximum number of high volume keyword searches so as to maximise the number of visitors on their website and they want this within no time. Is it possible? The answer is a big NO.


Patience is the key. But how can patience help you achieve maximum reach? What if we tell you that with time your own website's name & services become these keywords? And that if you religiously go on creating related contents then few years down the line your website's name & services will transform into those magical keywords which can generate huge traffic that you dream of. How? The answer lies in the below case study of UAE's www.dubizzle.com


Dubizzle.com was started in the year 2005 by J.C. Butler and Sim Whatley, dubizzle.com has become the number one platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in the United Arab Emirates. It took numerous years of hard work & patience to become the top free classified website in the UAE. So what magic have these 15 years of dedication & patience have done for Dubizzle.com?


These years have made the keywords like Dubizzle, Dubizzle Dubai, Dubizzle UAE, Dubizzle Jobs, Dubizzle Abu Dhabi & other related keywords the maximum search volume. These years have also given Dubizzle a MOZ Domain Authority of 65 which in turn helps these keywords to be displayed on the top of the search pages.


Let's analyze the kind of traffic the keywords related to this website generate monthly. You will be awestruck. 


Keyword                     Monthly Search Volume


dubizzle                            846,641

dubizzle Dubai                  88,798

dubizzle uae                     63,541

dubizzle jobs                     35,584

dubizzle abu Dhabi           31,684

dubizzle Sharjah              16,623

dubizzle cars                    12,381

dubizzle ajman                10,389

dubizzle login                    7,800

dubizzle used cars            7,347


*Source - www.wordtracker.com

So if you calculate www.dubizzle.com generates 1.12 Million Monthly Traffic through the top 10 keywords which are related to the name of the website & the services it provides. 


So you see what we mean when we say Patience is the Key. I hope you agree.